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true love can go the distance….

A long distance relationship is a true test of just how strong the love that exists between 2 people can be. I’ve experienced versions of it myself, and watched it poke holes and reveal the weakness within the bonds we always thought were unbreakable. While I have not found “the one” myself, I know a few that have and I have been a witness to what those relationships are like. They give me faith that they exist, just not easy to find.  I firmly believe that when you finally find that person…the one that makes YOU a better person and truly loves you for who you are, you’ll hold on tight. - Dylan

don’t say goodbye

I’ll see you soon and it just doesn’t feel right

sunset, sunrise

some dreams in between and you’ll come back to me

with love in your eyes and clothes at your side

enough for a week, maybe two

you know I will try to convince you

to stay and play for a little while longer

miss your flight, bend the truth

it’s not going to hurt you

you and I, we realize that love’s on our side

and though it doesn’t seem that way sometimes

I trust it to hold you in the night

when I’m not by your side to kiss you goodnight

rest assured, the heart grows fonder

if you listen to the wind, do you hear your name?

it carries my voice from thousands of miles away

that’s when I miss you the most

and when my thoughts hit the road

the engine’s running in the car parked outside

it’s so tempting to drive

maybe another night

as I pass by the places that we used to walk

all the little spaces that we’d sit and talk

I’m in a daze, finding myself on the highway

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